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Experts Corner

Technology trends


Block-chain will require new expertise and skill-sets. As the technology matures over time, standards may be changed to keep pace with the technology. As a decentralized platform for innovation, block-chain technology may have the potential to revolutionize every industry.

Data Analytics

Data is becoming increasingly commoditized and companies will think more critically about monetising their data, as well as using data innovatively to create value for customers and the business. Data monetisation may correlate with better performance including adding new services to existing offerings.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence may evolve from narrow AI to broad AI.  AI will be characterised by the ability to learn and reason more broadly across tasks, to integrate information from multiple domains while being more explainable, secure, fair, auditable and scalable.

Internet of Things

The industry may witness the emergence of an IoT run market to help manage, monitor, and operate the fragmented array of IoT networks, devices, and assets.  Blockchain can be used within the context of an IoT solution, providing an alternative to cloud-based systems and enabling device-level automated commerce.

Apps and Platforms

The rise of emerging technologies like voice, immersive reality, connected devices, and 5G will alter consumer behaviours in the year ahead. Offering of unique VR content, such as social VR, should captivate consumers in 2019, which will drive consumer awareness of VR headsets and adoption at scale.

Infra & systems

Infrastructure software can be configured to automatically alert users about best practices and relevant discoveries based on their current activities and job position. Expert systems and knowledge systems under this category.